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Dental anxieties or phobias are extremely common and affect roughly 12% of the population, or about 35 million people. If you have dental anxiety or phobias in Sterling, Virginia, Dr. Bahng and associates will do all they can to ensure your comfort. We understand that some patients have had bad dental experiences in their past. Others feel vulnerable or nervous in the dental chair. Therefore, JB Dental Associates caters to those who are struggle with a dental phobia or anxiety. If you’ve delayed going to a dentist, now is the time to visit our office. We can help decrease your anxieties with several remedies, including:

  • Alternatives, such as microsurgery (laser dentistry) for fillings, teeth-whitening, or to remove staining.
  • Spraying the throat with an anesthetic to help reduce the gag reflex.
  • Music to help relax you.
  • Clear communication, so our dentists understand when discomfort or anxiety get too overwhelming.
  • Sedation dentistry to help you relax and maybe not even remember the appointment.

Our doctors have advanced training with dental phobias and are more than willing to help you overcome this condition with support and understanding. Their goal is to ensure you have a positive experience so you come in for regular cleanings and treatment.

Please contact us on how we can help minimize your anxiety at the dentist. You can call us at 703-444-4188. We hope to hear from you, soon.

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