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People have been cleaning their teeth since the dawn of time. Fortunately, the methods of oral hygiene and medicine have steadily improved over the years, and the science of dental medicine has seen some incredible advances. At Pal Dental Group, we believe in using cutting-edge dental technology to improve patient care and comfort.

Are you interested in finding out how Dr Pal and associates and our team are putting the latest in dental technology in Sterling, Virginia to work for our patients? We would be happy to show you! If you would like to make an appointment at our office, call 703-444-4188 today. In the meantime, take a moment to read more below:

CEREC® Single-Visit Crowns

CEREC® single-visit crowns are changing the way we are creating dental crowns in Sterling, Virginia. They are just one of the special services you can find at Pal Dental Group. This new advance in dental technology can be used to design and fabricate your new dental crown in a single day, while you wait comfortably in our office. Gone are the days of temporary crowns and multiple visits for the same procedure. When you visit Dr. Pal and associates, they will prep your tooth by removing any decay or weakened tissue. Then, a digital impression will be taken. After, our dentists will create the custom restoration right here in our office, place it, and bond it in place – all in one visit!

Please contact us for more information on this state-of-the-art restoration treatment. We can be reached at 703-444-4188.

Intraoral Camera

One of the keys to properly improving and maintaining your smile is with a proper diagnosis. For that, you dentists needs to clearly understand the situation. That is done through a comprehensive exam. One of the ways we achieve that at Pal Dental Group is through the use of intraoral cameras. These cameras allow our team members (and you) to get a clear and concise picture of the inside of your mouth. In fact, with this technology, we are able to examine your teeth better than ever before!

If you would like to learn more about the difference our intraoral camera in Sterling, Virginia, can make in your appointment, call Pal Dental Group today at 703-444-4188 to plan your visit with Dr. Pal and associates.

Orthophos XG 3D® Imaging

Due to recent dental technological developments, advanced imaging techniques are becoming more widespread, including the Orthophos XG 3D® Imaging in Sterling, Virginia. This imaging technology provides Dr. Pal and associates with a clearer picture of a patient’s oral cavity and facial structure. The scans are advantageous because they allow the dentist to get a detailed view of the face and create cross-sectional slices of the jaw, making planning treatment quicker and easier.

Pal Dental Group has long employed this scanning technology and other high-tech equipment, and when you contact us, we can explain in greater detail about our imaging equipment. You can reach us here at 703-444-4188.

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