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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Sterling, VA

At Pal Dental Group, Dr. Sumana Kafle provides comprehensive pediatric dental care for young patients, ensuring that families in Sterling, Potomac Falls, Great Falls, and the surrounding communities are comfortable in a dental environment, and come to enjoy years of dental health.

Pediatric Prevention and Education

With diets more likely to contain sugary and acidic foods, young patients see significant benefit from preventive care and dental education that protect their dental health. Our Sterling pediatric dentist works with your child to help them understand the importance of at home oral hygiene, and the best methods for brushing and flossing their teeth. We also work with parents of young children to ensure they are supporting best dental care practices when helping children brush and floss their teeth and providing a good example by doing the same for themselves.

Through regular fluoride treatment and dental sealants, we reinforce the strength of children’s dental enamel and prevent future decay. Dr. Kafle delivers these treatments gently, and helps your child acclimate to regular dental visits, encouraging long-term dental health. 

Should your child show signs of cavities, our gentle Sterling pediatric dentist provides fillings to ensure the lasting health of the tooth. Whether baby teeth or adult teeth, preventing further decay and educating your child on how to avoid cavities in the future helps them make positive dental health choices in the future.

Perinatal Dental Care

While studies show that routine dental cleanings are less frequent for pregnant women, these visits are essential in maintaining overall health for mother and child. The presence of excessive decay-causing bacteria has been linked to several complications during pregnancy, and can increase the likelihood of tooth decay when your child develops baby teeth. To ensure the total dental health of your child, Pal Dental Group provides comprehensive perinatal dental care for expectant mothers, promoting greater dental and bodily health for your whole family. 

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Whether you need help keeping your child’s teeth healthy, or are looking for fillings and other restorative and preventive care for your children, Dr. Sumana Kafle provides gentle dental care. We create healthy smiles for children throughout Sterling, Potomac Falls, Great Falls, and the surrounding communities.

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