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Sterling, VA Orthodontics with Pal Dental Group

Whether you are looking to expand your child’s jaw to make room for adult teeth, or discreetly straighten your smile, Pal Dental Group offers a number of orthodontic treatments tailored to your smile. From early orthodontia to smile realignment, Dr. Donna Chang provides families of Sterling, Potomac Falls, Great Falls, and the surrounding communities with full range orthodontic treatment. 

What is Orthodontics?

Crowded teeth are harder to clean, and more susceptible to the growth of decay-causing bacteria. Additionally, a misaligned bite can wear unevenly on the teeth, and lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry focused on correcting the alignment of the teeth and the orientation of your bite.

Through the use of various oral appliances intended to align teeth, or expand and manipulate the orientation of the jaw, Dr. Chang ensures young smiles and bites are optimally positioned, allowing for the comfortable growth of adult teeth, and sometimes removing the necessity for braces altogether. Braces and orthodontic trays also allow for teens and adults to straighten teeth, whether they have undergone previous orthodontic treatment or not.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

At Pal Dental Group, our doctors work together to determine whether your child is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment. Using spacers, palate expanders, and corrective oral appliances, our Sterling orthodontist protects your child’s future smile by creating the necessary space for adult teeth to grow and avoiding excess crowding in the smile. With proper orthodontic care, we are sometimes able to avoid the necessity of braces. Early orthodontic treatment can also have the aesthetic benefit of guiding the jaw into a favorable position, straightening your child’s smile, and improving the way lips meet.

Traditional and Clear Braces Treatment Options

Pal Dental Group uses traditional braces as well as clear aligner orthodontic treatments to correct smiles. Able to correct malocclusion of any severity—or the misalignment of upper and lower teeth—traditional braces allow patients to straighten their teeth without needing to remove and reinsert an appliance for every meal. Our office also offers multicolored bands, allowing you or your child to customize the color of your treatment. This treatment is ideal every patient, and can correct smiles for patients of any appropriate age, and with every level of crowding, spacing, or malocclusion.

For mild to moderate malocclusion and crowded teeth, we also offer Invisalign®. This tray-based treatment is made using digital impressions of your bite, and are created to fit your smile, enhancing the comfort of your treatment. Changing your set Invisalign® aligners every few weeks, this treatment gradually shifts your teeth into ideal dentition. This option also allows patients to continue with their usual diet and at-home hygiene routines, without sacrificing their smile cosmetics.

Contact Pal Dental Group Today

If you are looking to correct your child’s smile for the first time, or realign your own smile through discreet orthodontics, contact Dr. Donna Chang at Pal Dental Group today. We provide quality orthodontic services for families throughout Sterling, Potomac Falls, and Great Falls.

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