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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Sterling - Pal Dental Group 

When missing single or multiple teeth, dental implants can help you regain the balance and aesthetics of a healthy smile. The dental implants provided by Pal Dental Group assist patients of Sterling, Great Falls, Potomac Falls, and the surrounding communities in replacing missing teeth with stable prosthetics that will preserve the long term health of your smile.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are made using titanium posts placed into the structure of the jaw. These implants are placed in our Sterling office, and are made using biocompatible material. As it heals, the titanium post fuses to the jawbone, providing the same support as the root of a natural tooth. While traditional restorations like dental bridges are able to help patients regain the balance and aesthetic of a natural smile, they fail to prevent jaw resorption; however, with the structural stimulation of the jaw provided by the implant, your jaw will retain its shape and stability. Additionally, because implants are supported by the jaw itself, they don’t require the reduction of the natural tooth structure needed to place bridges.

Natural Looking Restorations

In addition to the added jaw support provided by dental implants, implant restorations are made using ceramic crowns. The ceramic restorations provided by our Sterling implant dentist are matched to the shade of your teeth, creating a seamless smile. The crowns placed atop your implants are durable enough to replace molars, allowing you to replace any lost tooth.

Implants placed at Pal Dental Group are aided by the use of CAD/CAM imaging, ensuring you an implant placement that maximizes your comfort, and matches the shape of your smile. These restorations can be cleaned just like regular teeth too, lasting a lifetime with proper oral hygiene.

Full-Mouth Implant Restorations

Should you require more than a single tooth be replaced, Pal Dental Group offers full-mouth dental restoration. Because traditional dentures rely on dental adhesive and suction to remain in pace, they place pressure on the tops of gums, rather than stimulating the internal structure of the jaw. This external pressure on the jaw eventually leads to an accelerated deterioration of the jawbone, causing wrinkles and premature aging. However, implant supported dentures provide all of the aesthetic and functional benefits of dentures, with the added stability of titanium posts preventing jawbone resorption.

Our Sterling practice also offers implant supported bridges through the All-on-4® treatment. All-on-4® utilizes four specialized dental implants, requiring less jaw structure than traditional implants. This restoration is a fixed dental bridge, restoring your bite, as well as the aesthetic appeal of your smile, and preventing the deterioration of your jaw.

Candidates for Implants

In order for dental implants to heal properly, candidates will need to demonstrate a minimum gingival health, as well as sufficient bone structure to support the implant. Should you be experiencing gum disease or not have the necessary bone structure and density to support either normal dental implants or All-on-4®, we will work with you to help you regain qualifying oral health. 

Begin Your Implant Restoration

Whether you are in need of a full restoration for your smile, or just need to replace a single tooth, Pal Dental Group is devoted to helping you achieve your ideal smile. We provide restorations that last a lifetime to patients of Sterling, Great Falls, Potomac Falls, and the surrounding communities. Contact our implant specialist Dr. Fadi Alhrasi today.

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